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Sparring Partner

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Transformation Support

Your Challenge

You are still in crisis mode and don't know where your head is? Or are you back to full speed again? Parameters and business models are changing ever more rapidly, predictable planning periods are shortening, and the ability to react and adapt quickly is of paramount importance.

How fast is your response time, how nimbly can you react to unexpected circumstances? Are your priorities still the right ones? What you need is growth and success, solutions for times of digital and virtual work and a short response time to unforeseen challenges - cooperation and cohesion are more important than ever. 

Times of great change and uncertainty call for engaged teams and strong, meaningful leaders. As a 2018 German Gallup poll showed, agile companies have a significantly higher level of commitment by their employees. At the same time, the majority of German employees perceive their company as not (yet) very agile. 

How do you, your employees, your managers think and act? How would you describe the culture and level of cooperation at your company? Sometimes, an outsider’s perspective can reveal first – and interesting- aspects of the culture you live in: Who may sit where in the office? Which status symbols are represented? Who has access to meeting rooms? Who is being informed how, when and by whom?

Find out how you can develop into a learning organization even on a tight budget, since this will be our future.

The Agile Answer

Companies with an agile culture that embraces and adapts to change, can turn uncertainty into opportunity, and flourish when other businesses fail. Agile work thus enables the business to change direction on a dime to best respond to any unexpected challenge. At the same time, it strengthens the employees’ emotional bond. The integral Agility Model helps to classify and understand the agile maturity of your company today. On this basis, different formats can be the appropriate first or next step:

  • Remote Agile Coaching: Spontaneous-Concise-To the Point. Sometimes new impulses and a focused exchange are enough to untangle a knot.
  • Digital Experience Learning Motivating–Entertaining-Effective. Virtual interactive learning formats in very short modules with two trainers.
  • Training 4.0: Experience-Training-Coaching-Networking. You are in the lead! It’s all about your experiences, we as your learning coaches generate aha-effects and provoke you to disruptive thinking and acting.
  • Train-your-Trainers: You would like to train in-house yourself? We qualify your trainers, support with digital formats and hand over to you!
  • ReReRe-Team-Workshop: Learn and grow as a team and invest 3 hours of your time, it's worth it!
  • Agiles Coaching: Fresh Impulses-Co-creation-Reflection. Encouraged targeted networking towards a learning organization.
  • Consultant & Sparring Partner: Individual-Integral-Innovative. Online or offline, continuously or at point of need.

Our Offers

Spontaneous.Concise.To the Point.
Remote support

Agile Coaching

collaboration, reflection

Managers, project managers, who are working agile, Scrum Masters and internal Agile Coaches, who are new in their role.

Remote coaching

Spontaneous, at point of need.
Minimum time invest for maximum output. 

In case of insecurity and questions, you will receive instant support and thus be able to act professionally and secure at all times.

Tailored to your needs - fresh impulses, exchange, reflection - short and intensive.

Incidentally, you will keep learning new tools and approaches yourself, increasing your personal motivation even more. 

Remote or In-Person

all in

For you to use:
Design, Method, Content

HR-departments, internal trainers

Depending on the course remote, in-person or both, in 3 steps: 1) internal trainers experience the course themselves as participants, 2) Workshop focusing on training method, questions, exercises & walk through training concept, 3) Time allocation in accordance with your support needs.

No downtime due to budget cuts due to low and manageable costs. 

Professional and effective inhouse-training by your own trainers.

Your trainers will develop and teach new topics, we teach them content, method and support their first sessions.

Remote, 3 hours

ReReRe - Remote
Retro Reconnect

Learn from experience
and grow together

All teams, who would like to reflect their recent experiences and learn and grow from them.

Remote retrospective, liveOnline workshop, 3 hours, 100% remote

no travel time and cost, to be set up at short notice 

You will fully understand how your team is currently doing, you will learn together from past experiences, good and bad, and together you will position yourself for the future.

You will experience and learn the power of retrospectives as well as further agile tools for successful remote teamwork.

Your need counts

The Fix - Your Mix

Getting agility
back on track

You are working partially agile, but encounter challenges? That is not unusual and could be fixed with little effort. If you encounter difficulties introducing and implementing agile work, we can help you.

Dependant on your situation and needs, as trainer, consultant, agile coach, weekly or monthly, on your premises or digitally, cross-method.

We help you to start where it is useful and most effective. 

We analyse your current agile position within the integral model of agility and its 4 quadrants (attitude, behaviour, culture, organisation) and determine meaningful and effective next steps.

We accompany you and strengthen your trust in your own agile skills.

Consulting & Sparring Partner
Remote or In-Person

Transformation Planning

Align Strategy
with Agility

Executives, top management, strategy department

Consultation, one-on-one or remote. Agile dialog with results presentation and step by step implementation support.

You plan and design your agile transformation systematically and pragmatically. You will get to know your blind spots, understand the premises of your transformation project and receive the tools for a regular success control.

You understand in which situations agility is the right answer - and where not.

You receive targeted and professional support with concrete, situation-specific methods and suitable impulses. Together we will find the right mix from the kit of agile instruments.

First Consultation
free of charge & informative

& agile Positioning

How mature
is your company today?

Executives and managers who want to determine and discuss the maturity level of their company with regard to agile working.

Non-binding exchange, on your premises or digitally.

You set the pace and determine the next steps.

You understand the integral maturity model of agility and its 4 quadrants (attitude, behavior, culture, organization), as well as their interaction and dependencies.

You will understand where your company, your managers and your employees stand today and which concrete possibilities exist for your company/yourself to become more agile.

You prioritise what is particularly important to you.