Work new.
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Flexible Work

Your Challenge

Flexible working and working from home are suddenly high on your agenda, digital communication is becoming the most important communication channel. Working in distributed teams, leading of remote teams and virtual collaboration take on a new meaning, the trend rising. All of a sudden many of your workforce shall work from home – and who can be certain if we will ever get back to the old normal? 

But even if the technology works – for many managers this form of work is not as easy as it sounds. They lack control over their employees, miss visibility of results as well as formal and informal exchange with their team members. At the same time this situation is new for many employees, too - what is expected of them, how should they work, how can they communicate?

However our way of working will develop in the future, virtual work and digital communication will remain with us, at least to a certain extent. Currently, a lot is being tried out, the learning curve is steep and successful implementation not always easy. After all, remote leadership and virtual collaboration are new skills that, if mastered professionally and successfully, want to be learned, too. 

The Agile Answer

Remote work requires many managers to rethink. And again, it’s the attitude that counts. This applies to remote leadership and agile leadership alike. Agile managers will therefore find remote working much easier and can manifest it faster and more successfully in their teams. 

In virtual space with distributed teams it is particularly important to encourage everyone’s responsibility, ownership and commitment. To do so, you have to let the teams do their jobs more self-controlled and trust them. You should allow them to approach things proactively, take their own decisions (to a certain extent), make mistakes and learn from them. 

The so-called psychological safety much promoted by Google, which is based on values such as trust, respect and courage, is all the more important in virtual interaction. Agile techniques can further enrich the cooperation in a positive way. Taking into account the success factors of digital communication, too, flexible working can be implemented fulfilling and successfully for most people.

Our Offers

3 modules, 2 hours each, 2 trainers

The Agile Mindset as the catalyst

for your (virtual) leadership
online & offline

Leaders who will increasingly lead virtually and from the home office, who want to be more agile and work on their own values and beliefs.

Interactive liveOnline Training and Coaching with 2 trainers, 100% remote.
3 modules, 2 hours each, plus individual follow-up Coaching included.
Agile sparring partner support the learning process as well as the transfer into practice.

Benefit from 2 trainers with compementary perspectives and experience an exciting, yet challenging liveOnline Training with agile tools for direct use.

You will lead more strengthened personally, more human and more effective, also remote. 

You will learn about success factors and challenges of virtual leadership and how to best deal with them. 

You will understand yourself and your values (even) better and discard obstructive beliefs. You will be able to think and act in a more agile way and thus set the successful basis for your virtual and agile leadership.  

You will experience effective agile tools and methods that work remote, too, and learn how to use them to increase self-organised teamwork. 

Consulting. Leadership-Workshop.
Change Management Support

Decentralized Work
& Home Office


Anybody, who will work or lead more remote.

Change Management support
Facilitation of (leadership) workshops
Use of useful agile tools

Benefit from the experience and best practices of companies that have already followed this path. 

A professional change management supports you at an early stage to gain commitment for decentralized work and home office among your employees. 

This way, you can address fears and possible resistance of managers and employees at an early stage, weaken them, develop common rules together and successfully introduce decentralized working. 

1 module of 2,5 hours

Remote Leadership
in a Nutshell

Agile & interactive
to adopt right away

Managers who are increasingly leading virtually and from the home office

Interactive liveOnline training, 1 module of 2,5 hours, individual follow-up possible upon request.

Professionalize your virtual leadership - your next digital team meeting will be different! 

You experience a virtual meeting with many interactive elements, easy for you to imitate, directly applicable tips and tricks and digitally usable agile techniques.

You will get to know success factors & challenges in virtual leadership and benefit from best practices and experiences of the trainer.

You will also experience successful agile tools to make your remote teamwork and digital communication even more successful.