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In-Person and Remote Formats for your Responsive Learning Organization

We love to work with companies that view change as an opportunity and seek a more agile way to operate. We advise, train, guide, coach, encourage and even support operationally. Cooperation with you is key - we are your consultants and sparring partners, agile or learning coaches; we help your teams move their thinking and acting into the 2020s.

Find out more about our offers and remote formats. Be inspired and then delve deeper on each corresponding topic page. Of course, we will be happy to adapt each offer individually to your needs. You are not finding what you are looking for? Ask us! We welcome your suggestions and ideas. Your health and safety are of paramount importance to us, too: inquire about the hygiene concept we employ in all non-remote situations.

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Your Agile Pilot Project

Next Level Leadership

Leadership 4.0 online

Agile Leadership

Back Into the Fast Lane

Self-organize Teamwork

The Agile Mindset
as the Key to Success

Agile Project Mgmt


Certification Training
Scrum Master/Product Owner

Scrum Master
in Action

Achieve Scrum mode
quickly & successfully

Resolve Entrenched Conflicts

Remote Agile Coaching

all in

Remote Retro Reconnect

Transformation Planning

The Fix – Your Mix

Analysis & Positioning

Virtual Leadership in a Nutshell

Decentralized Work
& Home Office

Your Agile Mindset
as Catalyst for Remote Work