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First Agile Steps

Your Challenge

Are you using digital devices today that did not exist just a few years ago, or that you did not know about? How is your personal life more digital than it used to be? Digitalization is unstoppable, and if anything, the Corona pandemic accelerates this process.

Suddenly and without any warning, plans have become obsolete and people are starting over. Which insights and new habits that have formed during the crisis would you like to maintain? Which opportunities would you like to take advantage of? Are you at the start of your transformation or in the middle of it?

How adaptable is your company today? And how do you want to react to unforeseen challenges in the future? Might a more agile way of working help? And what exactly does agility mean in the first place? 

The term “agile” is being used a lot, but often misunderstood.

The Agile Answer

Agility describes the ability of a company to continuously adapt to its complex and uncertain environment. Agile thinking and acting is crucial in navigating a seamless and continuous adaptation. It is the answer to:

  • the increasing speed with which projects are being expected to be completed today,
  • an increasing - often digitalized - market dynamic including new players
  • and unforeseen challenges of any kind.

Agility puts the client center stage: the options they can choose from are increasing - not only through traditional competitors, but also through new alternatives that have not been heard of just some time ago. And: Agility awakens unexpected strengths in new and honest ways of collaboration and forges stronger emotional bonds between team members.

Our Offers

kostenloses Erstgespräch

Are You Ready?

Your agility-level
analysis & useful first steps

executives, directors, decision makers

non-binding conversation, in-person or remote

You understand the integral model of agility, its 4 quadrants (attitude, behaviour, culture, organisation) and how these depend upon another.

You analyze your company's current position including concrete options to become more agile step by step, without asking too much of your employees.

You prioritise what's in your heart. 

Orientation Workshop


How much agility is needed?
Where could it be useful?

managers, project leaders and employees interested in agile principles, practices and possible benefits

1 day Workshop, in-person or remote, 1 liveOnline exchange (90 min) to follow-up

You experience agility and gain an overview of agile tools and methods as well as prerequesites for their usage. 

You understand if and where agile working might be useful and which aspects could support your company right away, also in a still traditional environment. 

The online meeting is a great opportunity for exchange and collaboration, for getting your questions answered and for benefiting from useful tips.

Consulting & Agile Coaching

Your Agile Pilot Project

agile working in action

executives, directors, decision makers, project leaders

consulting and agile coaching during implementation, in-person and/or remote

You will experience agile working and learn how to get it startet, for instance by setting up a small project more agile. You try out agile tools and receive valuable feedback right away. You will understand what benefit agility can bring and what conditions would have to be put in place for sustainable success. 

You will experiment and learn with the direct support and feedback of your agile Coach.